Amsterdam canals

400 years of Amsterdam canals

Amsterdam canals
The four main canals

The Amsterdam canals are unique: a work of art attesting to outstanding city planning and architecture that aptly expresses the growth and success of Amsterdam in the 17th century, the Dutch Golden Age. The Canal Ring, 13 kilometers long, was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2010 and to this day, the city’s biggest celebrations such as King’s Day and Gay Pride Canal Parade take place on the canals. Within the Canals Zone there are 2,000 classified national monuments, and an extra eight hundred municipal monuments.

Of course, so many miles of canals can not be sighted in a few hours’ walk, so I have two suggestions:

Canals Amsterdam
Canal zone West

1. West: the first lay-out, where it all began, at the extremely picturesque Brouwersgracht (voted the most beautiful canal in Amsterdam by newspaper readers). From 1613 to 1625 four canals were dug and also lined with houses, hundreds of which still stand. As a rule, these houses combined merchant residences with offices at ground level and warehouses at the top. Including a number of so-called hofjes (‘little courtyards’), early examples of social housing, payed for by the well-to-do, and built around quiet little courtyards for the elderly, for unmarried women, and the like.
Two to three hour walk: € 150-200 for 1-4 participants

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Amsterdam canals
Canal Zone East

2. East: the second and fin al lay-out, with the largest houses. The four canals were extended and lined with luxury residences at a slower pace, but the houses are larger and more refined, in Baroque and Rococo styles. Most of them were heightened after 1700 and were given a spectacular Rococo gable top. In the 19th century, many were converted into banks and insurance companies, and churches of all conceivable denominations were inserted.
Two to three hour walk
: € 150-200 for 1-4 participants

bookings and/or information Tijd/Ruimte

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Amsterdam canals