VincentVanGogh at the Van Gogh Museum

Vincent van Gogh, Self-portrait, 1887

The Van Gogh Museum houses the world’s largest collection of drawings, paintings and letters by VincentVanGogh, alongside works by Van Gogh’s contemporaries, and is dedicated to exhibiting the works to as broad an audience as possible. Welcoming 1.6 million visitors every year, the museum is one of the 35 most visited museums in the world.

The museum owns 200 of Van Gogh’s 860 documented paintings, 400 of his drawings and watercolors, and all of his 819 letters.

The current presentation spreads over four floors, the ground floor giving a broad overview of his life, the second and fourth floors a chronological overview of his professional achievement, and the third floor offers backgrounds to his life, family, and work.
Interspersed are high quality works by major contemporaries like Gauguin and Toulouse-Lautrec, influencing artists like Monet and Pissarro, and artists inspired by Van Gogh, like Kees van Dongen and Francis Bacon.

Vincent van Gogh, Japonaiserie

Of course, you may venture to explore this hotbed of early modern art by yourself, but you are likely to give up after having seen only a floor and a half, exhausted by the sheer number of works from which you are not able to choose. So do yourself a favor and make use of an expert guide on Van Gogh to enjoy a personalized tour of Van Gogh’s life and work.

Art historian Michel Didier has written a book on VincentVanGogh in 1990, has written audioguide texts for the Van Gogh Museum in the 1990s, and has given countless lectures on Van Gogh and tours of the museum since 1987.

He will show you how VincentVanGogh turned his religious fervour into art, and how that fervour took the shape of a Japan-inspired art colony in the South of France. With the help of a hand-held device for many additional images, he offers an astonishing insight in the life and times of the most popular artist in the world.


Your private guide, Van Gogh scholar Dr. Michel Didier

VincentVanGogh suggestions:

1 Tour: two-hour overall view of VincentVanGogh’s career as an artist by art historian Michel Didier: € 150,- for 1-4 persons

2 Seminar: extensive exploration of the exhibition by the same, three hours or more: from € 200,- for 1-4 persons

3 Lecture & tour: one-hour Power Point presentation in a close-by venue, followed by a two-hour tour of the entire museum: € 250,- for up to 5 persons

Vincent van Gogh in Amsterdam

Vincent van Gogh, The port of Amsterdam

For the insatiable, I also offer the unique Vincent van Gogh in Amsterdam tour. Vincent van Gogh lived in Amsterdam for a full year, prior to his becoming an artist, to prepare for a theological exam. He took up lodgings with a paternal uncle, Jan, who was a naval commander, and Van Gogh wandered around the early industrial area between the navy quays and the brand new Central Station. Also, he attended many sermons by preachers he knew or admired, in various churches and chapels in the oldest part of town.
Here he fell in love with a maternal cousin, and spent much time wooing her – to no avail. He also failed the exam, but eight years later, in 1885, he returned to Amsterdam to visit the newly opened Rijksmuseum.

This is a two-hour walk through a pretty, and pretty old, but largely neglected part of the city and oldest port of Amsterdam.

Cost: € 150,-

For requests, information, or other otions, contact Michel Didier